Resource mining

At Hindalco, we have captive capabilities to source our own major raw materials for aluminium production and also to cater to our energy needs:

  • Coal mining
  • Bauxite mining

Coal mining

In coal auctions held by Ministry of Coal, Government of India, Hindalco has won the following four coal mines:

  • Gare Palma IV/4 mine in Chattisgarh
  • Gare Palma IV/5 mine in Chattisgarh
  • Kathautia mine in Jharkhand
  • Dumri mine in Jharkhand

Hindalco is working on streamlining supplies from these coal mines, which will provide coal security to meet Hindalco’s energy needs.

Bauxite mining

Bauxite is the ore used in the production of alumina and is the basic raw material in the aluminium manufacturing process. As the foremost step of the aluminium value chain, bauxite is a competitive determinant in the aluminium business.

India has sizeable deposits of bauxite and is home to the sixth largest bauxite deposit in the world with a reserve base of over 2.20 billion tonnes. Bauxite from the mines located in the eastern region can be utilized for various purposes in many industries such as refractories, steel, polishing, and for manufacturing water-treatment chemicals. 

Indian bauxite is of superior quality generally and is largely located on a single plateau, thus making bulk mining possible, resulting in significant cost advantages in the production of alumina and aluminium. Due to the high quality of bauxite and close proximity between bauxite mines and alumina refineries, Hindalco ensures quality aluminium at competitive costs.

Hindalco’s captive bauxite mines in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Odisha, provide the raw material to our alumina refineries located at Belgaum in Karnataka, Muri in Jharkhand and Renukoot in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Our mines follow modern mining methods with stringent environmental controls including extensive re-greening of mined land and proactive participation in the sociological development of communities around.